Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday (01/17): A Tour of Our Cabin & Other Things

I thought I would take you on a tour of our cabin. We are in a Mini-Suite on Dolphin deck #9. We are about 15 cabins from the front of the ship. The most forward cabin we've been in. Early in our cruising years, we've picked mid-ship cabins. Typically, we've experienced the least amount of movement here. Then we started moving towards the back of the ship. Mostly, for cost. Last year we were in the D66x area and experienced a lot of black soot on our balcony. That was a pain to constantly clean our chairs and table. For this cruise, I went way forward in the D22x area of the ship. This was also the least expensive of the Mini-Suite category. I also made sure we were not across any inside cabins. The less door slamming we hear, the better.

So far, we really like the location of this cabin. We do feel a lot more ship movement here which doesn't bother us. The more movement we experience, the more we feel like we're on a ship. I know, crazy us! We are a few steps away from the forward stairs. We have access to the Princess Theater (two decks down) and the Coffee Bar/International Cafe (four decks down). We are further away from the dining areas including the buffet which translates to a longer trek and more calories are burned. I've been tracking my adventures using my pedometer. For example, my walk from cabin to buffet and back is 1/4 mile. On average, I've been walking 4.5 miles each day. That doesn't include the excursion activities. Life is very good on a ship!

The only downfall of being way forward on the ship, is the long hike towards the back where the Launderette is located. It's only a pain when no washing machines are available and I have to keep walking back and forth to see what's available. Monday, I had some single bills that would not work in their change machine which is located inside the Launderette. Yes, I had to run (walk fast) back and forth several times.

Hubby and I have been using the stairs. A LOT! The first time we went to breakfast we had to walk from deck 9 (Dolphin) to deck 15 (Lido). We were breathing heavy and I swore I experienced a little "hot flash" activity. That was a slow climb up. Now, we're more experienced and can climb faster and still breath normal.

I have to share a funny experience we had. After our first excursion (Roatan) on Tuesday, we came back to the ship on deck 4. As we were climbing the stairs, our legs were burning big time. As I was carrying my snorkel bag and a large beach bag up the stairs, I made a comment to Hubby that I was "feeling like a mule pack". Well, apparently some fellow cruisers on the next deck up overhead my comment and was cheering us on to keep on climbing. We all had a good laugh.

That's what made this cruise special to us. We've had some wonderful social interactions with our fellow cruisers as well as the crew members. Probably one of the better cruises we've had. Also, the average age on this ship is well below my age.

Okay, enough of the "other things". Here's a pictorial tour of our Mini-Suite:

I know. This is a lousy picture of our deck sign. This gives you an idea of where we're located:

CP 1110

The port side carpet contains a red border while the starboard side has a blue border:

CP 1111

Here's the hallway leading to our cabin:

CP 1112

This is what you see upon entering our cabin:

CP Mini 6180

Take a few steps in and turnaround you'll see our bathroom:

CP Mini 6165

Our shower/tub combination:

CP Mini 6167

The sink area:

CP Mini 6166

Our walk-in closet area just outside the bathroom:

CP Mini 6156

Our queen bed (two twins put together) and desk area:

CP Mini 6176

Our desk complete with two power outlets, a blow dryer, and several drawers for holding my gadgets:

CP Mini 6187

Our sitting area and balcony:

CP Mini 6190

A view from our balcony into our cabin:

CP Mini 6196

TV area and fridge:

CP Mini 6208

Our balcony:

CP Mini 6141

Home sweet home for us:

CP Mini 6184

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